Dependable HVAC Repair in Pensacola, FL

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. These systems work together to keep the temperature in your home at a comfortable level. However, when things go wrong, you need to have your systems repaired. Air Care Wizard offers HVAC repair in Pensacola, FL. From repair to maintenance to replacement, we have your HVAC needs covered.


Some signs that you need heating repair include hearing abnormal sounds, noticing constant cycling, and having higher power bills than usual. Taking preventive measures helps your furnace last longer. But, if you notice things like frequent repairs, changing pilot flame color, and poor temperature control, you may need a replacement.

Air Care Wizard handles all sorts of heating services. You can depend on us to repair or replace your system with care.

Air Conditioning

Common ways to know if you need AC repair is if your AC no longer blows out cold air, weird smells come from it, or it leaks. This is not a comprehensive list, so it’s vital to have an expert check out your air conditioner to diagnose the specific problem. Maintenance like changing the air filter when required will help your AC last longer.

If you need help with repairs or maintenance tasks, then choose to work with Air Care Wizard. Our expertise enables us to get every job done in a timely manner.


You HVAC can have different types of ventilation systems, which are exhaust ventilation, supply ventilation, balanced ventilation, and energy recovery ventilation. No matter what kind of system you have, you need to keep your ducts clean so air can blow through it without obstruction. When your ducts are dirty, call on Air Care Wizard to stop by and give them a thorough cleaning. Breathe cleaner air today. 

If you need HVAC repair, replacement, or maintenance services, give Air Care Wizard a call at (850) 471- 9400, or fill out our contact form.