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Do I Need My Ducts Cleaned?

05/15/2019 | Air Care Wizard

In this VLOG post, we'll talk about one of the most common questions we get: Do I need my ducts cleaned? Clocking in at about 4 minutes, this video will tell you exactly what we look for before recommending duct cleaning.
While we clean enough ducts to know what to look for, we like to lean on industry best practices and professional guidelines to inform our duct cleaning recommendations. In this case, we use the NADCA ACR. If you're serious about duct cleaning, you follow the NADCA methodology. In the ACR, NADCA lists the various conditions that could necessitate cleaning of the ductwork or HVAC system. We hit the highlights in the video, but we'll put the complete list below:
  • The HVAC system is contaminated with an accumulation of particulate
  • The HVAC system performance is compromised due to contamination build-up
  • The HVAC system has been determined to be a source of unacceptable odors
  • The HVAC system is discharging visible dirt or debris into the conditioned space
  • The HVAC system has been contaminated as a result of fire, smoke, and/or water damage
  • The HVAC system has been determined to be at risk for fire hazard
  • The HVAC system has become contaminated with construction debris or dust
  • Mold contamination conditions have reached either Condition 2 or Condition 3
  • Deterioration of fiber glass duct liner, duct board, or other porous components
  • As part of an HVAC maintenance program as defined in ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180
  • As part of a proactive energy management program
  • As part of a proactive indoor air quality management program
  • As a component to achieve LEED certification
  • When a newly installed component or duct has been contaminated with construction and/or other dust and debris
 You'll notice that mold growth on registers isn't on the list. Surprisingly, mold growth on the registers doesn't always necessitate cleaning of the ductwork. But this is a topic for another post.
As always, feel free to reach out to us at Air Care Wizard at 850-471-9400 with any questions about duct cleaning and be sure to check out the resources listed below.
NADCA Website:
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