New Systems

New Systems

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Installation of New Air Conditioner Unit

There will come a time when you will be in need of a new AC unit altogether. Newer units are much more energy efficient (minimum 14 SEER) at pulling the maximum amount of heat (BTU’s) from the minimum amount of power (electrical watts). This means that you can be more comfortable while getting lower electric bills. New units can be so efficient that you get a very good Return on Investment (ROI). They include a new warranty on the system and the labor and can do a more reliable job of cooling and dehumidification.

Going with a newer system can help to cut your utility bills as well as reduce your carbon footprint. The less energy you consume, the better for the environment. Older systems were not made with the efficiency of today’s units.

Even if your existing air conditioner is not completely worn out, you might consider making the upgrade for energy efficiency. If you have any questions regarding this, be sure to ask one of our phone representatives. You can also discuss it with the technician that inspects your current system.

Need new ductwork? We can do that too! From repairing a small air leak to the need for new ductwork, Air Care Wizard can handle it all.

Central Air Conditioning Units

Due to federal regulations all HVAC equipment manufactured today must meet higher energy efficient standards. It can result in a huge savings for you to make this type of upgrade. Our technicians can explain the benefits of the different types of units.

Ductless Mini-Split

Depending on the age of your home, this could be a good choice for you. For an older home that does not have ducts to distribute the air, this is a good option. If you are adding on a room addition, this might work well, also.

A mini-split works like a conventional air conditioner, but it may have multiple small units that distribute the air into different rooms or zones.


With Zone HVAC, you have control of the temperatures in different zones of your home. If designed and installed correctly, this is a very effective way to manage your heating and cooling costs. When zoned properly, you will see a reduction in your power bill.

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