Mold Guarantee

Mold Guarantee

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We Will Kill & Remove the Mold – Guaranteed!

It is not enough to simply remove mold spores. We must insure the mold is gone, the structure dry, and the moisture problem solved.

Air Care Wizard guarantees to kill the Mold per the Scope of Work or Protocol using industry Standards of Practice and Standards of Care. How can we be sure that we have gotten all of it? TESTING, of course. Air Care Wizard will have the area tested to be sure that the job is complete and the area is safe.

We Will Remediate the Mold Without Contaminating the Rest of the Building – Guaranteed!

Air Care Wizard will set up containment to insure that the building will not be cross- contaminated during the mold removal process. Air Care Wizard technicians will measure the cubic volume of the area under containment and set up equipment to obtain two to three air changes per hour per IICRC guidelines.

Air Care Wizard Is Here for You

If you suspect or know for sure that you have a mold problem, our team can assist you. We are professional in what we do and are able to provide you with a solution to your problem.

Our technicians will give you a comprehensive plan that includes remediation as well as a list of things you can do to keep the problem from reoccurring. Mold is difficult to eliminate, so call a professional. Call Air Care Wizard at (850) 471-9400 when you the need best Mold Remediation company in Florida and Alabama. We are available for you when you need us most!

Your Health. Your Comfort. Our Promise.