AC Repairs

AC Repairs

Air Conditioning Service and Repair 

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When your air conditioning system stops cooling or heating your home, call us. Our technicians can diagnose the problem and provide you with a fast solution and advise you of your options. For more than a decade, Air Care Wizard has provided top notch service to our customers for all makes and models of air conditioning and heating systems. From a small repair to a full system replacement, we have got you covered.

 Air Care Wizard Offers A/C Evaluation & Repair 

Our team is trained to work on today’s systems. Today’s complex systems require a whole system approach to solving your Indoor Air Quality needs. Florida’s humidity presents additional strains on A/C systems. We find that many chronic problems are a result of duct issues. If your duct system is not sized or designed properly, cooling your home or business may always be unsatisfactory, even when a unit is correctly sized and operating efficiently. Our technicians are trained to evaluate the entire system: the unit, the duct system and the cooling load. If you are having problems with cooling, high humidity or “hot spots,” call us at 850-471-9400. We will come out and determine the cause. Our team of trained technicians will diagnose the problem and discuss all of your options.

 Parts and Repairs On Air Conditioning Units 

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There are many components that make up Air Conditioning Systems. Your HVAC system is different from most household appliances: the components are manufactured individually and then assembled in the field at the time of installation. Condensing units, air handlers, furnaces, refrigerant lines, duct board, duct lines and registers need to be assembled and installed by craftsmen to insure that it works at peak efficiency.
Our team can work on any part of your system, no matter what make and model. Some of the components include:

 Air Handlers and Evaporator Coils 

These components are usually found inside the dwelling or in the attic. They contain the blower fan, evaporator coil, heater elements, controls and safety devices. In cooling mode, the air handler pulls ambient air in from the return, cools and dehumidifies it, or heats it and delivers it to the duct system where it is distributed throughout the dwelling. Problems that can occur are:

  • Freezing up due to low refrigerant charge, clogged coil, dirty filter, improper return size or improper duct design or sizing. 
  • Fan or blower issues include a bad motor or capacitor, an unbalanced blower wheel, a bad fuse, power or wiring problems. To complicate matters, if the fan blower is not working, it will also cause the system to freeze up, creating multiple problems. 
  • Water leaks. During the cooling process, water is produced from the air (dehumidifying the air), greatly increasing our feeling of comfort. This condensate, or water, is captured in a pan and disposed of by piping it to the outside via the condensate line. Leaks can occur when the pan is rusted out or the condensate line becomes clogged. 
  • No heat. Electric heater elements, controls, safety limits, relays and transformers can become defective from age, power spikes, lightning and electrical shorts. 
  • During operation, air handlers and evaporator coils are usually wet and easily can become clogged with dust and harbor mold. Always have the air handler checked and cleaned when having the air ducts cleaned. 

 Condensing Unit: Work Horse of the System 

The condensing unit consists of the condensing coil, compressor, blower fan, controls; and if it is a heat pump it will have a reversing valve. The condensing unit is located outdoors and takes the hot refrigerant vapor that it receives and turns it into a cooler liquid. Problems include compressor failure, corroded coils, clogged coils, contactors, capacitors, power, issues, relays, reversing valves and refrigerant leaks. Condensing Coils clogged with grass clippings, leaves, dust, or dirt will make the entire system run less efficiently and can cause the compressor to overheat. Heat and electrical spikes or lightning are the most common causes of problems with a compressor.

 Compressor: Heart Beat of the System 

The compressor is composed of a pump, a relay, an overload and a motor. It has been called a multiplier because it multiplies the heat and pressures of the refrigerant, then pumps it to the condensing coil to be cooled and condensed back into a liquid state. This part of the system turns low-pressured gas into high-pressured gas that is then moved to the condensing coil.

 Thermostat: Your Control of the System 

The thermostat is located on an interior wall at eye level (5 feet) and controls the mode: heat, cool, emergency heat, the indoor fan and the temperature setting. The most common problems are that the thermostat is not set correctly or the batteries need replacing.
These are the parts of all air conditioning units. Depending on the make and model of your unit, there are other components that might also need to be serviced.
Other components may also be present. We are knowledgeable on these as well:

  • Duct systems 
  • Filters 
  • UV lights 
  • Zoned cooling systems 
  • Mini-split systems or ductless systems 

No matter what repairs or replacements you need, the Air Care Wizard Team can handle it for you. If you have any questions, give us a call at 850.471.9400. We can answer your questions or we will find someone who can.

 Warranties on Parts & Systems 

Parts come with limited or lifetime warranties depending on the manufacturer. Be sure to ask the technician about the warranties you are entitled to. They will be able to give the paperwork and information you need to qualify.

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