Outbreak of Mold Mites

  • By Air Care Wizard
  • Posted June 25, 2013
Mold Mite Outbreak

The current wet summer has contributed to an outbreak of Mold Mites. These small whitish creatures are found in humid areas that promote Mold growth. In the last several months there has been an outbreak of Mold Mites in the Pensacola and Destin areas.

Mold Mites are small white mites that are related to Dust Mites. Although they do not bite they have small hair like structures that can break off and can cause a highly allergic reaction in some people. These mites are associated with moisture and the excess humidity that also promotes their food source … Mold. When conditions are right Mold Mite populations can explode!

If you see Mold Mites, you may also see water leaks or high humidity problems of 70% or more. These conditions also promotes the growth of Mold that they feed on. If you see Mold Mites you need to look for water leaks or other humidity problems. Beach properties are highly susceptible.

If you see Mold Mites in your home or office call Air Care Wizard for advice. Many times the only answer is dehumidification.

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