Myths About Mold

  • By Air Care Wizard
  • Posted January 21, 2013
Mold Cultures in Petri Dish

1. Your house can be mold free

Mold like pollen is everywhere.  Mold needs 3 things to grow:

  •    Warmth
  •    Food source
  •    Water or moisture

2. Bleach is the answer

Chlorine beach may work on nonporous surfaces, but has corrosive effects to people and many materials. The chlorine bleach cannot penetrate porous surfaces but the water can. This can make the mold worse. It has been said that Chlorine bleach on a porous surface just makes mold mad. Spraying chlorine bleach on drywall, wood or metal is NOT a recommended answer.

3. New houses have less risk of mold

Older houses have less risk, new houses are more airtight allowing wet components to remain wet. Tighter houses can also concentrate the toxins.

4. If you can’t see or smell mold then you do not have a mold problem

Incorrect. Many times mold is hidden behind walls, ceilings and floors. That is when air samples are used to determine if a structure has mold growth.

5. Mold grows only on organic material

Mold can feed on dust and oils on any surface, many metal air conditions are covered in mold.

6. You can tell if it is toxic mold by its appearance

Testing is the only way to be sure. However, black or slimy mold indicates it may be toxic.

7. Only toxic mold is hazardous to your health

Nontoxic mold is also affects you and your house. Everyone reacts differently.

8. The problem is solved once mold is removed

False. Until the moisture problem is taken care of the mold will continue to appear.

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