Mold Exposure After A Flood Or Hurricane

  • By Air Care Wizard
  • Posted June 25, 2013
Mold caused by flooding

Mold can grow rampant in a water soaked home or office.  When workers and homeowners disturb mold through improper removal of  mold covered debris, use chlorine bleach or other chemicals without the proper safety equipment, there is the risk of exposure to its harmful effects.  This can increase the number of mold spores and mycotoxins released into the dwelling. Severe asthma and allergy symptoms and respiratory problems are associated with exposures to mold after floods and storms.

Mold can be removed safely through proper protocols.  Safety equipment and chemicals need to be used and used correctly. High powered fans or air movers can help the water evaporate and using commercial dehumidifiers can remove the moisture from the air. The first step is to insure that the dwelling is completely dry. Until the moisture is eliminated the mold will continue to grow.

The second step is to remove the mold without contaminating the rest of the house. Plastic sheeting can be put up to create a temporary containment that will trap the contamination and make it easier to safely filter the air.

With the right kind of planning and protection, homes and offices can be safely cleaned up without causing health problems.

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