It's Thyme to Fight Back Against Mold!

  • By Air Care Wizard
  • Posted February 4, 2016
Home Remedies for Mold including Thyme

As an increasing number of fungal conditions have become drug-resistant, new research about thyme's anti-fungal activity couldn't come at a better time.  For example, thyme has shown effective against Aspergillus spores-a common type of mold that can cause the lung condition aspergillosis in susceptible individuals.  A study in the Brazilian Journal of Microbiology found that not only was thyme effective at inhibiting the growth of fungi, it also increased the potency of the drug fluconazole to kill the disease-causing fungi.  Another study in the journal BMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine  found thyme effective against drug-resistant strains of Candida fungi-the cause of yeast infections.
Source: Mother Earth News.  The Original Guide to Living Wisely, Guide to Healing Herbs. (Winter 2015) p. 85, Ogden Publications, Topeka KS

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